God has no credit history!

Hi How have you been?

So, wouldn’t it be a fair assumption that all human beings have credit history, provided she has borrowed.

What about God then? Does he have a credit history too?

Strangely, the answer seems to be yes! Well, that is what God Gazarov seems to be saying.

God Gazarov, a Brooklyn based businessman was falsely reported for having no credit history. The fact although remains that he does have one. As a result God could not purchase his car last year.

All this because and more, because Equifax’s system rejected his first name — God. However, God does have credit scores of more than 720 in TransUnion and Experian.

He was named after his grand­father and was shocked to discover that the system refused to recognise him since “God” was not acceptable as a legitimate first name.

Funny isn’t it?

Funnier still is the fact that he was also advised to change his first name to resolve the issue.

Finally, with little option left, God has filed a law suit.

This happens only in America!

Talking of which, general elections 2014 are here in India. Certainly, it could not have been a better run up for that chair! Like always, I have an interesting thought to share.

If you have already voted, then patience is the word for you. And all those who would be voting…I would be back next week with more thoughts on it.

Until then!


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