What is the credit history of your candidate?


How have you been? Election fever is here and we are going to be a part of this history. Technically, the future of India is in our hands…well at least as far as the next 5 years are concerned. But how much do we know about our candidate?

Internet giant Google recently launched a new tool to facilitate citizens to access relevant information about various candidates. Credit obsessed as I am, I was thinking that it would be interesting if each candidate contesting would be mandated to provide her credit report.

After all they are going to manage the economy of this nation. Knowing how she manages her own finances would be a strong indicator of how she would manage the finances of our nation.

Here is a thought…. a worthwhile one though!

If your candidate’s credit report is not impressive then here are few possible actions that can be initiated:

  1. Disqualify the candidate – ”Looks practically impossible”
  2. Do not take any action – ”Purpose will be defeated”
  3. Disclose her credit score to the citizens of India but no explanation required – ”Practical and doable option”
  4. Disclose her credit score to the citizens of India with an explanation – ”Best results if implemented”

Which one do you think is the best option? Let me know….

I will see you again!


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