We design, develop and deliver highly relevant, experiential learning interventions delivered by experienced industry-specific faculty “who have been there, done that”. We customize learning to map with the specific needs of our clients. We offer a unique combination of online and offline delivery modes to ensure that we cover all aspects of the 70:20:10 of learning, focusing on the 70, which provides deep, lifelong learning. We assess and certify the learners. We believe we are unique in our approach to learning and, therefore, in delivering our work to our learners.
With tools and enablers like videos, webinars, chats and simulations, we will deliver rich and vibrant content in an engaging, interactive and participative manner. We will also keep our learners updated with knowledge of developments in the domains. We have a focused passion and will endeavour to reflect that passion in this initiative. This passion will enable working professionals, university students and in fact, just about anyone interested, to learn and apply that learning in the real world. Learning is not teaching and getting a degree or a certificate – learning is knowledge; it is the bridge between academia and your work and the ability to practice, experience and apply in your work what you learn.

Learning Intervention

pre placement learning

Pre-placement learning

This is designed to help potential employees to be organization ready and reduce the organization's time investment in training these potential new employees. The aim is to intervene early at the pre-hiring stage and ensure the potential employees are ready to be a part of the organization.

induction orientation

Induction /Orientation

This is designed to help employees with adequate domain knowledge and behavioural skills and make them successful at their respective jobs and in the organizational context. The aim is to ensure that employees who are hired become productive quickly and integrate well with the organization.

refresh learning

Refresher learning

This is designed to help the organization assess and train employees who are being confirmed, promoted, or shifted to other departments or learning any new development in business or regulatory changes. The aim is to ensure ongoing learning for existing employees and continued alignment with changes in roles.


Train the Trainer (TTT)

This is designed to help the organization train the potential trainers to update the employees on any ongoing changes in business and regulations. The aim is to build the internal organizational capability, ensuring that adequate internal trainers are available going forward.