We conduct diagnostic and feasibility studies, covering policy, processes (SOP), cost efficiency and review of enabling technology. We help in forming business and sourcing strategies for our clients. We review and recommend the development of credit appraisal techniques and loan documentation creation. 


We facilitate reviewing and developing loan policies and processes for underwriting, disbursement, post-disbursement and recoveries. We provide our services across domestic and international geographies. Our advisory services ranges from Board level to “hands-on” operational level involvement.

housing finance consultancy

Housing Finance

Recent years have seen significant changes in how consumers borrow, lenders extend credit, and regulators monitor this industry. Existing lenders have broadened their reach, newcomers have made significant advancements, and the industry is continually evolving.

Housing Finance is one of the foundations of retail lending. By its very nature, it requires careful evaluation of a wide range of complexities. Addressing the considerable risks of retail lending is crucial to developing a solid portfolio and ensuring growth and quality. With fact-based decision-making integrated into daily operations from the boardroom to the frontline, Athena wants to assist clients in becoming influential, process-driven companies ultimately resulting in DOTS – Discipline, Organization, Technology, Standardization

What we do?

Conducting diagnostic and feasibility studies

Strategy planning

Scoring mechanisms to underline repayment ability based on information

Conducting training programs for service delivery and soft skills

Business development/Sourcing strategy

Helping technology work with you by facilitating modification and training of the system to integrate with business processes

Reviewing, developing and documenting loan policies and appraisal techniques

Reviewing, developing and documenting loan processes and documents creation

Identifying various risks and providing a mitigation plan

Reviewing, developing policies and processes for underwriting, disbursement, operations, post disbursement and recoveries

Reviewing, developing polices and processes for human resource management and MIS

Analyzing rejects by profiling customers and mapping subsequent repayment patterns resulting in increased sanction ratio

credit information consultancy

Credit Information

For about 200 years, Credit Bureaus have been one of the lender’s primary sources of risk reduction measures. Compared to other locations, South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa have more recent Credit Bureau histories. Several important issues, including privacy and confidentiality, legislation, data quality, technology, de-duping logic, and stakeholder acceptance, are brought up by the demand for Credit Bureaus in emerging economies financial infrastructure.

Having had experience in establishing Bureaus in several countries in the region, Athena consults on every aspect of the Credit Bureau business.

What we do?


Conduct feasibility studies

Support and facilitate business development

Evaluate, recommend and develop regulatory and legal frameworks

Facilitate development of credit scores, products and value-adds

Creating stakeholder awareness and capacity building

Gather business requirements for the Bureau

Plan and support Bureau operations

Supports development of the de-duping and matching logic

Develop capabilities for HR, Training and MIS