Credit Information Consultancy

Since nearly 200 years, credit bureaus in some form have been one of the largest providers of risk mitigation solutions to lenders. The history of credit bureaus is more recent in South Asia, Middle East and Africa. Privacy and Confidentiality, Regulation, Data Quality, Technology, De – Duping Logic and acceptance amongst stakeholders are only some of the major issues that emerging economies deal with as they address the need for credit bureaus within their financial infrastructure.

Having had experience in establishing bureaus in several countries in the region, Athena Advisors consults on every aspect of the credit bureau business including:

  • Drafting legislation
  • Educating stakeholders including regulators, lenders, consumers and other users on role and usage of bureau
  • Development of manuals
  • Operations, training and business development strategies
  • De – duping and matching logic skills
  • HR, skill development, MIS
  • Product development, value add products